Off-Campus Housing Information

UIC Students, Faculty & Staff
All individuals with a NetID are able to view up-to-date listings around the Chicagoland area. Users are also able to search for roommates, post listings for rental properties, and subletting. To login, click the NetID Login on the right. If you are still waiting to receive a NetID or are a student at another Chicago school, then you can apply for a temporary account here.Temporary accounts are only allowed to view ads.


Landlords are able to list rental properties through our Off-Campus Housing database. This service is free to use and is an excellent way to connect directly to UIC students. Newly registered landlords can create postings immediately. All postings will be made public upon approval of their account which usually takes between 1 – 3 business days.

The Commuter Student Resource Center does not inspect listings and a listing does not imply a recommendation or guarantee of accuracy or availability. It is in the best interest of the student to contact the landlord or roommate directly and make arrangements to see the accommodations and discuss any rules and negotiable terms. Users should exercise reasonable care when choosing landlords, tenants or roommates. Users of this website should exercise a certain amount of caution and common sense in responding to requests to send them social security numbers or pre-payments.

If you’re looking to live off campus, you’ll need to know where you want to live, and how you’re going to get your basic needs met. Here you can find services ranging from apartment agencies that will drive you around Chicago to listing sites that will give you the tools to find your own apartment or roommate. Also, don’t forget to check out the hints, tips, and apartment finding resources on the right side of the page. These can be especially useful to people looking for their first apartment or roommate.

Utilities & Amenities

RCN – Cable, Internet, and Phone
Comcast – Cable, Internet, and Phone
Direct TV – Satellite, Internet, and Phone
AT&T – Cable, Internet, and Phone
Dish Network – Satellite and Internet
Exede – Satellite Internet
Basic Talk – VOIP Phone Service
Peoples Gas – Natural Gas Company (Additional Peoples Gas Information) 
ComEd – Electric Company
CORT – Furniture Rental


Renting Tips
Roommate Tips
Mold Checklist
AreaVibes – Neighborhood Information
In My Area – Utility and Insurance Information
Off-Campus Housing: What You Need To Know
Legal Services
Renter’s Insurance
Local internet providers
All Connect – Utility Information
Choose Energy – How to Read Your Electric Bill

Real Estate Services

Buy Homes America

Student Housing Complexes

Automatic Lofts
Tailor Lofts
777 South State
The Buckingham Chicago

UIC Commuter Student Resource Center is in no way endorsing or speaking for the quality of the experience of these companies or agencies. Students should navigate companies as an informed consumer and consult other resources and reviews. Students should use reasonable caution when signing with landlords and selecting roommates.