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Services from the CSRC

The Commuter Student Resource Center (CSRC) aims to provide resources and information to commuter students particular to their needs.  Links above highlight information online that can aid in transportation planning and off campus housing assistance. Inside the CSRC we can provide one on one assistance through our Commuter Assistants, our trained student staff. In addition, our staff is happy to aid in resource referral for your needs.
Helpful commuting resources

More resources are located within each of the categories under Services above.

C T A bus trackerThe CTA Bus tracker provides estimated arrival times for all of the bus routes within the CTA. Click the picture or link above to go to the site. U I C Shuttle tracker A UIC Application that overlays the location of UIC buses and CTA buses. Clicking on a bus shows estimated arrival times. Click on the link or picture to go to the site. M T O logo The Mission of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization is to educate, organize and empower tenants to have a voice in the decisions that affect the affordability and availability of decent and safe housing. They provide resources on security deposits, leases, evictions, and more. They operate a Renter's Hotline. Click the link above or the picture to go to the MTO website.
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On a walk-in basis, our trained student staff or professional staff can assist you with many questions relating to commuting or living off campus. They can also be a valuable resource for referrals to other on-campus services and resources. During the hours of the CSRC, a Commuter Assistant is always on staff to support you. For remote assistance, contact us with your questions.