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Programming from the CSRC

As a commuter student, we want you to be aware of all of the campus resources and programs that are available to you as part of the UIC experience. Read more about our programming efforts under the Programs heading above.

On topics from Street Smarts to Resume Building, the CSRC hopes to provide you with quick, informative workshop topics to aid in your life as a student and as a commuter. Click on the link for information on our next workshops.

From time to time all students need to de-stress. Wii on the projector, board games, puzzles, and more is setup around the space. Meet other students and have fun. Click the link for exact dates and times.

Every year the CSRC gets access to a huge collection of movies, some not even released on DVD, to show at specific dates throughout the school year. Movies are shown multiple times during the day so come relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

A group of students, from 2 to 8, host a professor of their choice for a free lunch. The meal aims to foster connections between faculty and students and spur conversation on topics from research to majors. Click on the link for more information.