Transit Questions

What bus stops are best for getting to UIC?

The answer to that question largely depends on where you going on campus! We utilize Google Maps and Goroo to assist students in planning their transit in Chicago. Each of these resources allow you to provide where you are coming from and going to get multiple options for public transit. It will provide you with the best stop information for exactly where you need to go on campus. This Campus Map provides street addresses for UIC buildings which can help in utilizing map websites.

What is the UPass and where can I get more information?

The UPass, which is available to all full-time students, provides unlimited travel on the CTA buses and trains during the semester. The UPass at UIC is administered by the ID Office, and more information can be obtained from the UIC U-Pass website.

How do I get from Ogilvie or Union Station to UIC?

Web mapping software like Google Maps and Goroo can provide detailed information and the best response. Multiple buses come from each of these stations to UIC, but depending on where you are traveling to on campus could determine your best bus option. That being said, the 7, 60, and 157 all travel from the area of these stations to UIC.

What are the UIC Bus routes?

UIC operates a number of bus routes for faculty, staff, and students. They are free, but you must show an ICard to get on board. UIC bus map and information lists the hours of each route.

Does Metra offer a college student discount?

At this time Metra does not offer a discount for college students. Metra does offer monthly passes that can save money though. Get more information at a Metra Station or from the Metra website.

What information is available for students who drive and want to share their ride?

The Commuter Student Resource Center and Office of Sustainability operate the UIC-iCarpool program. Register with the site and browse matches that exist in the system. UIC-iCarpool is only open to UIC faculty, staff, and students, so your match will be an existing UIC member.

Housing Questions

What tips do you have for finding housing off campus?

An important initial step is to identify your budget. Then, consider neighborhoods, desire to have roommates, where you need to commute to, safety, and amenities from an apartment. Our page on Off Campus Housing has links to companies that specialize in helping you find apartments that fit your needs.

What are my rights in Chicago as a renter?

If your unit meets minimum standards (has at least 7 units in building, not a hotel/motel or hospital, etc.), you have certain rights by law in Chicago as a renter. The non-profit Metropolitan Tenets Organization provides easy to access information on your rights and operates a renter’s hotline. In addition, the Dean of Students office provides limited legal support and advocacy and can assist in some situations.

I am having roommate issues, what tips do you have?

Communication is often the biggest issue with roommates. Often inviting a third party that can help interpret or re-frame issues can help bring new light to situations. Working out chores, schedules, noise levels, policies on visitors, and more early on in the arrangement is often best.

Commuter Student Resource Center Questions

Does the CSRC offer lockers? Are they free?

The CSRC offers a limited number of semester and weekly lockers. The semester lockers are available starting the first day of class each semester and must be vacated by the last day of finals. The weekly lockers are available each week but must be emptied by Friday at 4p.m. An important note about lockers in the CSRC is they are only accessible during the hours of the CSRC (Monday-Thursday 7:30a.m. to 6p.m. and Friday 7:30a.m. to 5p.m.). Both arrangements are free and the CSRC provides the lock.

I hear the CSRC has study areas. How do I use one?

Unless a reservation is posted by our semi-private study areas, it can be used on a first-come, first-served basis. Study Room Reservations are available 7 days in advance and can be made from the CSRC website. The study room can accommodate about 8 students, contains a large table, and a dry erase board. Dry erase are available on request

What are the features of the CSRC kitchen? Is it open to everyone?

The CSRC contains a mini kitchenette that is publicly available to users of the CSRC. It contains microwaves, a large refrigerator, and a large freezer. Students can store their lunch and potentially save money by bringing their own lunch each day. Items stored are stored at their own risk. The CSRC encourages all users to label food. All items in the kitchen must be emptied each Friday by 3p.m.

Can other clubs or organizations reserve the CSRC?

The entire CSRC space cannot be reserved as it must remain open to serve our regular users. However, the Multipurpose room, equipped with seating and tables that can be easily reconfigured, a projector, screen, and a DVD player, is available for events that are approved by the CSRC staff. Because the Multipurpose Room is an important part of the space, CSRC staff will consider your request for a reservation with how attractive the event or activity would be to commuters at UIC. Requests for the Multipurpose Room should be sent to commuter@uic.edu. The Satellite Office space, an office equipped with a computer, phone, internet, a desk, a table, and chairs, is available for offices and departments to host walk-in hours that are convenient to commuters. To inquire about reserving the Satellite Office, email your request to commuter@uic.edu. As stated above, the Study Rooms are available for group study sessions. These reservations are made on first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I gain access to the private lactation rooms?

The CSRC has two private lactation rooms adjacent to the Women’s restrooms and locker room area. Keys can be checked out through the CSRC front desk by presenting a valid ID.

Can I advertise in the CSRC?

Organizations and departments at UIC can submit up to 2 posters for display around the CSRC suite. Outside groups or companies must submit their posters to the CSRC Front Desk for approval. Students wishing to post housing needs (roommates, apartments for sublet, etc.) can feel free to post these items on the Off Campus Housing board. Outside companies wishing to table or promote in the CSRC should contact staff at 312-413-8026 or email commuter@uic.edu.

General UIC Questions

What ways do you recommend I get connected or involved at UIC?

Getting involved during college is an essential part of the experience. Clubs and Organizations are a great way to connect with others and find shared interests. Campus Programs website lists clubs on east and west campuses and contact information. In addition, volunteering is a great way to make a difference and meet others. The office of Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services maintains volunteer opportunities across Chicagoland.

How can I get a student worker job at UIC?

The Office of Student Employment at UIC can help in that process.

Who can I talk to about issues or finding an advocate for my problems?

Depending on the nature of your issue, there are multiple resources available. For personal issues, the Counseling Center is a great resource. After hours, they operate an In-Touch hotline for phone support. For advocacy issues, contact the Dean of Students office.

Where do commuters go to hang out between classes?

We hope you will utilize the CSRC from time to time to hang out and meet other commuters, but many options exist. The University Libraries are great resources for quiet places to hang out and get work done. The Student Centers offer a number of spaces and lounges. The campus academic buildings have a number of “oasis” built as small lounge areas to relax. Click here for a list of buildings with an oasis space. Finally, the eating areas on campus can provide great hang out places.